About Us

What ?

Sino Arab  Federation is an international Enterprises Federation that provides integrated business solutions for international projects, which are held in cooperation between the People’s Republic of China and all the Arab countries , middle east countries and African union countries. The Federation head quarter was established in Kuwait according to the Kuwaiti established laws of incorporation, with regional Branches under establishment in China, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Libya, Tunisia, UAE, Iran.

How ?

Sino Arab  Federation‘s business model is designed to attract a select group of major Chinese governmental and private companies, with its very large technical and financial capabilities, advanced international classifications, and long international experience, to provide full support to Arab local companies and help them increase their capabilities to implement major projects, in addition to form a strong alliance with great potentials that can gain confidence and participate strongly in the required development plans over the coming years, Such as China’s largest construction and engineering companies, Classified globally, China’s giant oil and petrochemical companies, Specialized research institutes, universities and major scientific academies, Commercial and industrial organizations, Agricultural research centers, Strategic planning institutes, Chinese and international financial institutions, Which enabled Sino Arab International Enterprises Federation to provide many distinguished services, which will raise the level of cooperation between the Chinese and middle east countries to the highest levels.

Why ?

Sino Arab  Federation‘s activities were launched to support the Road and Belt Initiative launched by the Chinese President (Xi Jinping) in 2013, Sino Arab  Federation take advantage of all the support and all the features offered by the Chinese government to all joint projects held in the countries which are under the umbrella of the initiative of the belt and the road, including all Arab countries, The idea of forming the Sino Arab International Enterprises Federation also arose to keep pace with the qualitative leap in the size of the strategic projects required for the official development plans announced by most of the governments of Arab countries in general. Where the majority of Arab countries have officially announced their vision to develop the infrastructure sectors and the economic, social, health and educational system for their countries, in addition to making plans to diversify the sources of income and resources of the economy, while restructuring and expanding the projects of the energy production sector (oil and gas) at the same time (Kuwait Vision 2035), as a model


Which ?

Although Sino Arab  Federation has generally focused on providing solutions in the fields of finance, Contracting, Operating and the establishment of alliances to serve projects, However, he is particularly interested in the projects of the following nature: 1. Construction and infrastructure sector. 2. Oil and gas sector & clean energy sector. 3. Establishment and management of industrial and economic special & free zones sectors. 4. General supplies and strategic supplies sector. 5. Strategic plans and designs for the cities development sector. 6. Design and create smart cities and programs of smart governments sector whit high end artificial intelligent technologies. 7. Sector of high technology transfer. 8. Food security sector with smart unique agriculture solutions and medical security sector. 9. Education, human development and training sector. 10. Research and projects of post-oil sector.